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Roofstyle, the conservatory roof-makers

We aim to make Roofstyle the first choice for our customers across our core product ranges, helping you to grow your business with our first class products that make a real difference. Roofstyle UK as a company has been built up by conservatory experts with years of experience. Our product is the ideal solution for builders and window installers who want to offer conservatory roof refurbishments or build new solid roof conservatories quickly and efficiently at the right price. Each conservatory roof we put together are completely made-to-measure and the design is bespoke to the project and customer.

All our conservatory roof fabrications are  fully compliant with all building control regulations. Our ability to complete a job to a high standard quickly and efficiently is the essence of good business and we are proud of the services we provide to help our customers prosper. Technical design information and advice is readily available from our in house conservatory designers and roof fabricators.



Roofstyle, the conservatory roof-makers

Our roof system is available in a number of recognised styles including:

  • Edwardian: A straight sided conservatory maximising internal floor space whilst adding practical living space, just like another room in the house.
  • Victorian: A rounded design with an angled roof making a bold addition to the exterior of a home maximising kerb appeal.
  • Gable Ended: Similar to the Edwardian with its straight sides, but with the impact of the high roof adding grandeur to the outside whilst giving a real sense of space within.
  • P-Shaped: A mixture of design features result in this highly versatile conservatory type. Shaped like a P it can be used either as two separate spaces or brought together as one large extension to the home.
  • Lean-to: Its simple elegance makes this one of the more popular designs of conservatory. It can be used in a number of different ways, but excels in bringing extra light and space into the home, without taking too much from the garden!

Roofstyle, the conservatory roof-makers

Roof Options…


The purpose designed Stratus aluminium lantern roof system is discreet yet stylish. Stratus allows light to flood into your home’s interior, the ideal modern lantern solution, coupling sleek contemporary looks with truly outstanding performance. Designed from the ground up around an innovative thermally broken system, it provides excellent thermal performance – keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter – while delivering the architectural refinement you’d expect of a high end aluminium lantern system. Whether you are building a new kitchen-diner extension or replacing an existing lantern roof, Stratus will help redefine your home, creating light and airy spaces for you to enjoy.


Enjoy a temperature controlled year round living space with a lightweight tiled roof. We’ve Got You Covered. Fed up of wasted space that you can only use at certain times of the year? Don’t know what the options are? Our timber-framed light weight roofs provide the solution when it comes to replacing your old conservatory roof whilst adding value, versatility and privacy. Our innovative technology means you can have a tiled roof that is only marginally heavier than its glazed counterpart. It meets Government Guidelines and gives you the room you always wanted.


The Beautiful, Strong and Secure door that is 25% more Thermally Efficient than the Competition.

Built around a belief that beauty doesn’t have to compromise performance, WarmCore aluminium folding sliding doors were created out of a desire to combine the desirability and durability of aluminium with unparalleled insulation. The orange thermal core – hidden away in the finished doors – is key to why WarmCore doors are 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminium systems.

GLASS OPTIONS – We offer two of the leading brands of conservatory roof glass.

More consumers are becoming aware of the benefits of glass roofing compared with polycarbonate. Aside from aesthetics, glass tends to have a much longer life span. Coupled with the ease of maintenance, it is now a preferred option for many discerning consumers. The Celsius range was one of the first glazing solutions on the market to offer the unique combination of heat reflection AND thermal insulation but Celsius has even more benefits. Rainfall and traffic noise are dramatically reduced when compared to 25mm polycarbonate. The argon gas filled units offer greater insulation properties. Destructive UV rays are reduced by 94% and with ‘Easy Clean’ technology included as standard, your glass will require much less maintenance.

When considering a new or upgraded conservatory, specification of products to be used in it’s construction: location, temperature control, maintenance, durability and aesthetics are all factors to take into account. As is choosing the right high performance roof glass; one of the most important elements in ensuring maximising use of a conservatory. The Ambience range has been developed with world-leading glass manufactured by TuffX, to ensure that a broad choice of specialist glass are available to cater for all tastes. These provide benefits including self cleaning properties and beautiful visual options to suit any property style and budget.

For more information please don’t hesitate to call us on 0151 355 5522 or drop us an email at info@roofstyleuk.co.uk and we’ll happily get back to you as soon as possible.